Thursday, January 31, 2013

Horse Oil for My Skin

I have eczema since when I was in 20s. On top of that, excruciating patch test recently confirmed that my skin is allergic to nickel and fragrance, and possibly foaming agent of detergent or soap. I was prescribed steroid cream, and I must use it when the condition worsened, but I am scared to use it often.

I took off all of of my metallic accessories, including watch and the wedding band. I changed my soap and moisturizer. I ordered fragrance-free shampoo and conditioner, because all hair care products I found at neighborhood drug stores and health stores are scented in one way or another. Prevention is the best way to fight eczema and allergy.

I noticed a jar of horse oil, which I brought back from Japan. Horse oil is horse fat, which is produced from a small number of farmed horses for meat in Japan. Horse meat is not widely eaten, but considered delicacy there.

Pure horse oil and horse oil products are sold as skin care products. It has been Chinese home remedy from ancient times to cure burn, rash, or insect bites. The fat is purified and deodorized, so that products don't smell disgusting.

Even in the United States, some people use animal fat, such as pork lard or tallow on their skin. They praise for the wonderful effects. According to website of one horse oil maker, the ratio of saturated fat and unsaturated fat of horse oil and human oil are the same, therefore it's absorbed quickly and don't feel greasy at all.

I gave it a try on my itch, as I don't want to keep using steroid cream repeatedly. It seems to work, if I use it before scratching the area. I can also use it as lip balm, as I shouldn't use minty lip balm as well.

I will keep using it until it lasts, but one problem is that I can't buy it in the United States. No cosmetic company is selling something remotely close to it. If I finish the jar, I probably will use vegetable shortening or coconut oil in my pantry, until next time I visit Japan.

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