Friday, January 25, 2013

Oral Hygiene and Cosmetic Double Canine Teeth

Since I'm a 5-feet-tall petite Japanese, I seem to have a problem with American tooth brushes. The heads are gigantic and bristles too hard. Even when I buy tooth brushes labeled as "compact head" or "soft", they are still large and hard.

Big tooth brushes prevent me from brushing my molars. There are many similar size Asian women and Latinas in the United States. I doubt my jaw size is smaller than theirs.

Every time I go to a dental appointment, the dentist tells me "Don't brush your teeth so hard. Your gum line is receding." I bought a tooth brush labeled "soft" at a drug store, but the bristles weren't really soft.

Americans are known to spend money on their teeth. I wonder why they are using tooth brushes which are so harsh on their teeth and gums.

For a while I was ordering particular expensive tooth brushes with soft bristles on-line, but soon I started to buy tooth brushes in bulk every time I went back Japan. There are a wider variety of tooth brushes in Japan at a good price, from big and stiff to small and soft.

However, it doesn't mean that Japan is the progressive country of oral hygiene. They spend less money on teeth than Americans, and fewer people floss every day.

After the cosmetic correction
And as strange as it may seem to Americans, many Japanese men like girls with doubled canine teeth. Some girls even attach cosmetic doubled canine teeth. I assume that doubled canine teeth caused by small jaws, which are one of the signs of immaturity, appear attractive to Japanese men. One example of different aesthetics or psychology in different cultures.

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