Monday, February 4, 2013

It's a Finger Sack, Not a Cat Condom

Over the time, I found out that some standard convenient items in Japan are not existed in the United States. Horse oil I wrote about the other day is one item, and here is another. Finger sacks.

They may look like cat condoms, but they provide water tight protection to injured fingers. Your finger will not get wet while doing dishes, washing your hands, and taking shower, so that you don't have to go through annoying pains, and soggy band aides.

Sometimes they are also used to provide better grip when handling bills or turning pages. In Japan many cashers at grocery stores and bank tellers are using them. Because a finger sack fits tightly to individual fingers, it provides better grip than wearing gloves.

They are common items in Japan, and any discount stores sell a package at about $1.00 or so. I looked around my neighborhood drug stores, when I cut one of my fingers badly, but I didn't find any.

Last year when I visited Japan, remembering the painful experience, I purchased a package and brought it back to the United States. My husband looked slightly upset when I was using one. But it does the job!

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